Our school held a mobilization meeting for innovation and entrepreneurship education

        In order to further stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerate the process of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our school,613On the morning of September, our school held a meeting in conference Room No. 12023Innovation and entrepreneurship Education Promotion Conference。School leaders Sun Yuhong, Yuan Decheng, Zhang Liying, Wang Hongpeng, Gao Hongzhen, Zhang Lei attended the meeting。Heads of all departments, heads of all departments and all teachers of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education attended the meeting。

        Meeting, Double Innovation InstituteDirector TakawaThe establishment of a leading group on innovation and entrepreneurship education for the school and its job responsibilities,Promote the incubation of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and actively participate in the ninth China International "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship CompetitionAnd schools to increase support in terms of funds, policies, and venuesThe relevant introduction is made。

        随后,Principal Sun YuhongCombined with the practical experience in the national finals of the China International "Internet Plus" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,From the aspects of publicity and mobilization, project exploration, and resource guarantee, we will jointly promote the launch of this year's competition.Further do wellThe university has made arrangements for innovation and entrepreneurship work。Require the whole schoolTeachers, students and staffWith the organization and participation in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions as an important starting point of school education reform, we will conduct extensive publicity and mobilization in an all-round and multi-channel manner, and strive to make breakthroughs in various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions this year。同时It is emphasized that innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important core driving force to promote the development of higher education, and all teachers and students should have the sense of responsibility and mission as masters, the courage to explore, explore and innovate, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to improving the quality of talent training in our school。

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