"Shen Ke reviews my Master" Reading Community Series activities (6)

       The eighth reading community is composed of all the teachers of the Marxism School and some teachers of the Mathematics Teaching and Research section of the Basic Department。This round of reading "The Nature of Learning" book, the author is a professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, biology and education doctor Andre Giordan, his ideas on scientific knowledge generation and complex learning has had an important impact on the transformation and development of schools and learning enterprises in many countries in the world today。Through reading The Essence of Learning, community members enter into the science of learning, deeply explore the mystery of learning, and guide teachers to pay attention to the complexity of exploring the science of learning and grasp the law of learning。We hope to use this knowledge to guide students into the palace of learning and help them harvest more learning results。

       The reading community focuses on "Learning, a deconstruction process" as the theme, and members combine their own curriculum experience and teaching practice to read independently, discuss collectively, exchange ideas, actively share, in-depth discussion, reflection and improvement。

       The book says that "only the individual learner can learn, and no one else can take over."。It can be seen that for adults, "learning" as a kind of behavior, with privacy, individuality, but also with a certain degree of autonomy。I can't help thinking of the core concept of adult learning theory, that is, adult learning pays more attention to purpose and meaning, and adult learning needs to find the driving force of individual development in order to truly realize the effect of learning。However, learning is also a generalization of the concept, "learning" is common sense?Be experience?At this time, the role value of teachers has been reflected, and the value of teachers' "correcting chaos" and "encouraging and guiding" is more important than teaching rigid knowledge。Looking back at this book, I feel heavy, profound value, thought-provoking。 

-- Teacher Liu Fang

       "The Reading community organized the Essence of Learning reading club, which benefited me a lot。This book explores what "learning" is and how to "learn" from a scientific perspective.。As a teacher, telling others to learn is my instinct, but telling others how to learn is our weakness。Thanks to this book, I understand that the essence of learning is related to the brain and behavior, and it is also a process of exploration and discovery。What is learned is what is controlled, but there is always more new content coming into the realm of knowledge。This book tells us that the key to learning is to find the inner motivation, which from the student is the teacher's motivation, and from the teacher is the self-knowledge。The value of the whole book is very profound, so that I can change my thinking to find the Angle and way to learn and inspire others to learn, for this reason, teaching and educating people, really show its profound connotation。”

-- The Zhao family and the teacher

       "I have a whole new understanding of how to learn。Learning is a process of labor, practice, and the unification of experience and knowledge. Everyone is learning all the time and looking for new prospects in the process of learning。For many people, the essence of learning is to find a promising prospect: that is, to learn something。In this book, it is mentioned that facing challenges, recognizing challenges, and highlighting values are the core of learning behavior persistence。The greatest value of this book is that it makes me understand what learning is, so that I can view the process of learning more peacefully and scientifically, instead of being restless in the complex knowledge system and worrying that I can't find the true meaning of life。”

-- Mr. Zhang Shen

       "Why should we study?How do we learn?Andre Giordan, an internationally renowned biologist and expert in scientific epistemology, put forward the allosteric model of learning and clarified some vague understandings in the discussion of teaching cognition by explaining the nature of learning。Learning has been a constant activity since the birth of human beings, but the main research on learning problems is still in the primitive stage。The author collects the scattered knowledge of various disciplines, unifies the inconsistent information, transcends the superficial contradictions, and summarizes the learning。In most cases, he argues, learning is not a simple transmission, much less a result of simple conditioning。Learning brings something of value and is a real system。He put forward practical suggestions on how to better learn, and redefined the role and status of schools. He believed that in a society that changes rapidly and has to innovate all the time, we should not only maintain lifelong learning as individuals, but also build a learning society。”

-- Teacher Li Shujuan

       After reading The Essence of Learning recently, I have a new understanding of how to learn。The author believes that learning is an individual process of knowledge refining, in which the learner confronts new information with previous concepts to create new meanings, which can better answer his questions。"Simply put,Learning is to change oneself first concept,Transition from one interpretive network to another that makes more sense,Learners' questions, original ideas, and usual reasoning patterns will change,The type of questions learners ask is completely reshaped,The frame of reference has been largely restructured,The way meaning is generated has also changed。Only the learner himself can learn; the learner is not merely a "participant" in learning, but the "creator" of what he learns.。Others can never learn for him, and learning can only be achieved with the means mastered by the learner, and is the result of interaction with the environment。”

-- Mr. Guo Shuyu

       Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the professional knowledge in various fields has increased exponentially, and the speed at which old knowledge is eliminated has also accelerated, so how much knowledge we learn in school today is useful?Can our learning style adapt to the future development of society?After recently studying The Nature of Learning,There is a renewed understanding of learning: "We must recognize,Learning is no longer just about storing up the accumulated experience of those who came before,At the top of the list are learning methods and learning ability,Build an openness to knowledge in students,A model of inquiry that can address current challenges or upcoming challenges。”

-- Mr. Liu Dandan

       The eighth Community teacher read The Nature of Learning,Faculty representation,Through studying the book "The Nature of Learning" further experience,University teachers according to the periodic thematic tasks,Form a reading community,Timely exchange of experience,To promote and improve teachers' teaching and strengthen communication and cooperation among teachers on students' learning conditions,It's an effective measure。"Adhere to conformal development" and "highlight the training of applied talents" are the key elements。Strive to achieve good results through welcoming evaluation and promoting construction, striving for qualified evaluation and review, and exercise a team of teachers with ideals, faith, morality, accomplishment, love, ability and level through reading。

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