"Shen Ke reviews my Master" Reading Community Series activities (7)

       In response to the phased task of "successfully passing the qualification assessment with high standards" of our school, in the fifth of the series of "Shen Ke reviews me" -- Reading community activities, all the teachers of the Department of Economics formed a reading community and studied Robert J.Marzano's A New Taxonomy of Educational Goals。This book embodies Marzano's complete thought system on the classification of educational goals。The new classification takes psychological "control" as the theoretical basis of classification, and distinguishes knowledge and cognitive process dimensions in a two-dimensional way, emphasizing the important role of metacognition and self-system in learning。The new classification provides practical guidance for teachers and has theoretical and practical significance。

       Teachers combined their own curriculum experience and teaching practice, independent reading, collective discussion, exchange experience, reflection and improvementThey have expressed their own experience and sentiment for the study of this topic。

       “In teaching evaluation, the new classification can be used as a tool for teaching evaluation, providing us with a framework for evaluating each level。The evaluation proposed in the new classification is different from the previous evaluation, which refers to the collection of data for the purpose of evaluating students, with particular emphasis on the use of different evaluation criteria for different levels of students and different types of knowledge。

-- Tong Yuanqi teacher

       “Marzano's taxonomy starts from people's behavior patterns and divides levels on the basis of people's consciousness control degree, with the main goal of improving students' cognitive ability and cultivating students' higher thinking ability。The new classification is a two-dimensional model composed of six levels of cognitive mental activities and three different types of knowledge fields。

-- Teacher Li He

       “The book A New Taxonomy of Educational Goals systematically introduces the operational methods and paths of adhering to goal orientation in the process of teaching behavior improvement。Reading this book has brought new inspiration for our teachers. We can improve the individual teaching system by focusing on the learning process, basing on the thinking system, paying attention to the application of knowledge, grasping the curriculum design and so on, so as to carry out better teaching。

-- Teacher Zheng Sven

       “In the future, we should pay attention to the cultivation of metacognitive consciousness and ability in subject teaching。Carry out discipline integration or discipline cooperation, jointly assign homework, carry out group cooperation, and share more excellent cases of students' metacognitive experience。

-- Mr. Hu Yanan

       Through the reading community activity, the teachers realized that the new classification system put forward higher requirements for educators, and made us see that the highest goal of education should be to cultivate students' thinkingProcess, so that they eventually become self-managing, thus laying the foundation for them to become lifelong learners。

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