The school held a military training mobilization meeting for 2023 freshmen

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The world is wide

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The students of Shenke are brave and brave

Full of vigor and fighting spirit

Meet the 2023 autumn new semester military training mobilization conference

       At 9 am on August 28, the military training mobilization meeting of grade 2023 freshmen of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology was held in the school sports field。Gao Hongzhen, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and vice President attended the conference。Students Office, Youth League Committee, secretary of the general Party branch of each department, secretary of the sub-Youth League committee, teachers of the student work department, 2023 counselors and training instructors attended the conference。The meeting was presided over by Lin Zhina, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office。

       Accompanied by the impassioned national anthem,All the teachers and students are in high spirits.A lot of youthful facesIt's full of excitement, pride and hopeGao Hongzhen, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and vice president, read the Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology Military Training Regiment document (2023) No. 2 order, and awarded the military training Regiment flag。

       Military training instructor Liu Tongrui spoke on behalf of all the training instructors, he promised: always maintain the posture of the military, teach by example, strict management, civilized training, to ensure the successful completion of the military training。

       Liu Mingxu, Grade 2023 Industrial Design major of Mechanical Engineering, swore an oath on behalf of all participants. He promised to strictly observe discipline during military training, obey orders and follow commands, pursue excellence, build a military temperament, and lay a good foundation for future study and life。

       He Dawei, minister of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee and Director of the Student Affairs Office, made a mobilization speech。He first of all expressed a warm welcome to the new students of Grade 2023, and asked all the participants to make good faith in the training and strengthen their ideals and beliefs;Second, to train thick virtue, temper noble character;The third is to promote learning by training and form a good style of study。It is hoped that the students carry forward the spirit of Shenke's school motto of "learned and diligent, virtuous and self-cultivation", with iron discipline, steel will and fire enthusiasm, obey orders, be strict with oneself, dare to bear hardships and have the courage to work hard。The mobilization meeting ended with the school song "Sunshine on the Road"。

       Military training is a compulsory course for college students. Over the years, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology has inherited the red gene, strengthened patriotic education, attached great importance to military training for freshmen, and made it the first compulsory course for freshmen。The school hopes that through military training, students can better learn the glorious tradition and fine style of the People's Liberation Army, enhance the awareness of national defense, strengthen the concept of patriotism and collectivism, enhance the concept of organization and discipline, cultivate a hard and simple style of work and the spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, and promote the improvement of comprehensive quality。

Burning youth

When cast iron will mighty military wind

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In the blazing sun of the training ground

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