Our school won 4 gold MEDALS in the 9th Liaoning Province "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

        8月8日,The 9th "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of "CCB Cup" in Liaoning Province came to a successful conclusion,Through the fierce competition of online evaluation and live competition,Our school has won 8 provincial awards,There are four gold awards, one silver award and three bronze awards,The number of gold awards ranked 10th among the participating universities in the province,A historic breakthrough has been achieved。

        In the whole process of organizing the competition, the relevant leaders of the school personally planned, personally guided and participated in the preparation and promotion of the competition。With the leadership of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and the close cooperation of relevant departments and departments, all the students of the school formed more than 2,100 project teams and formed 569 perfect works。After the school competition selection, 8 works stood out, after more than 3 months of hard work day and night, repeated grinding, excellence, and finally practice the spirit of the competition with practical actions。

        The breakthrough achieved in this competition is a remarkable achievement of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our school, which is the deep integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education in our school, and the vivid presentation of the full integration of innovation and entrepreneurship concepts into the whole process of talent training, and the students' innovation awareness, team spirit and comprehensive quality have been comprehensively improved。

Whole course of event organization

Project team meeting:

Project team field study:

Activities of the project team:

Gold Medal qualifying live:

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