The 2023 Freshmen Reception Party was successfully held in our school

Unforgettable, every moving moment

Youth does not start new

Youth for a book

We carry a vision

With hope

Together on this wonderful evening

We went to the mountains and seas together

Start with the new

        In this harvest season, there are "weaves", "sweet rice" and "Youth in Shenke" at 18:30 on the evening of September 20, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology 2023 welcome freshmen Gala was successfully held in the football stadium。The content of the evening party covers a variety of themes such as inspirational education and patriotic education, singing the vow of "strong national me, strong school has me", inspiring all freshmen to display their talents, cultivate their character, aspire to become talented, and serve the motherland。All the freshmen of grade 2023 gathered together to start a new journey of "learning in Shenke"。

        The lights were bright and the people were happy。The opening song and dance "All Together" will ignite the enthusiasm of the scene, and the party officially kicked off。Folk music ensemble "Double Yan Xun", or low roundabout, or vigorous passionate。Youthful, energetic, the song "Taro love", and then the scene enthusiasm again to the climax。The dance "Dancing Youth" is full of vigor and vitality, showing the essence of youth。The melodious tunes of the songs "Sorrow", "Under the Flying Clouds" and "Every Word" aroused our enthusiasm for exploring youth, and we went to the sea of stars together。

        The dances "Green Snake" and "Silk Play" will integrate the graceful steps and the beautiful years, and let the audience revel in the beautiful mood。The song and dance "Love You" once again enlivens the atmosphere of the scene with joyful beats and brisk dance steps。The poem recitation of "What Is Youth?" with sonorous tone and full emotions inspires everyone not to forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, and express Shenke students' deep love for the motherland and sincere gratitude。Along with the song "The best of us · This youth", the students waved the glow sticks in their hands, gathered into the most shining stars in the night sky, and went to the university together on this new journey。

        Sing the dream of youth with songs, jump out of the appearance of youth with dance, and describe the blueprint of dreams with struggle。At this point, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology "Sailing a new journey · Youth in Shenke" to welcome new students the gala ended successfully, but the story of new students and Shenke has just begun。This is not only a wonderful show, but also a vivid first lesson, let us dream of sailing, writing a new chapter of endeavour!

Fresh clothes angry horse youth

Live up to your age and know

Best wishes to the Class of 2023

Write a chapter with struggle

Weave a better future with hard work

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