East China Normal University - Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology new teachers teaching ability improvement workshop carried out field research


       Explore the spark of the stars, continuously red culture。为深入开展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育,Remember the Party's struggle,Carry forward the great spirit of Party building,On the afternoon of September 26th,Zhang Liying, Vice President of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology, led all the participants to carry out field research on theme education at the Memorial Hall of the Great Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai,Relive the great cause of founding the Party,Feel the original mission,Remember the revolutionary martyrs,Inherit the red gene,Draw strength for progress。

        In the memorial hall at the site of the Communist Party of China,All the students admired the relief of a large group of representatives of the Communist Party of China,In turn, we visited seven exhibition areas, such as "History chooses a great starting point", "saving the nation from the past", "the choice of the people's awakening", "the early organization of the spark of the beginning", "the sunrise of the East", "advancing the glorious course" and "Never forget the original heart, remember the mission, and strive forever"。The history and story of the Communist Party of China are shown through the cultural relics inscribed with historical marks, the real and vivid scenes, and the detailed pictures and charts。Through the study of each section and the patient guidance of the docents, everyone deeply felt the power of faith and understood the great power of thought with their hearts。

        The light of truth shines on the road ahead, and the baptism of thought is consistent。This field study is to implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,习近平总书记关于用好红色资源、赓续红色血脉的重要指示的必然要求,It is also an important collective activity of East China Normal University - Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology new teacher education teaching ability improvement workshop,Not only will all students accept the spirit of the red revolution,At the same time, the red genes and spiritual wealth of the ancestors will be transformed into the unremitting motivation to do practical work, walk in the forefront, and bravely stand at the forefront。The majority of students do not forget the original heart of moral education,Keep in mind the mission of educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country,We will further enhance our capabilities and boost confidence,Truly transform the learning results into the motivation for doing business,In practice, continue to explore and forge ahead, brave to explore and innovate,Contribute to the high quality development of the school,Strive to write a good new era "education answer sheet"。

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