Youth, hard work, blood!Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology 2023 track and field games ended successfully!

       Spring clouds, the movement is just in time。On September 26, in the important time node of "welcome evaluation and promote construction", Shenke teachers and students gathered in the stadium to hold the 2023 Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology Athletics Meet。Holding this sports meeting is an important measure to promote the high-quality development of our school's sports cause, and an important carrier to enhance the physical fitness of teachers and students. The track and field sports meeting is the largest, highest specification and most influential sports event in our school。

       At the opening ceremony, the representative teams of all departments entered with vigorous steps in turn. They were heroic and brave, and the slogans were loud and clear, permeating with the youthful vitality of college students everywhere. At the same time, the representative teams of all departments also brought a distinctive theme and wonderful group performance。Then the school leaders made a speech and announced the opening of the conference, the representatives of the referees and athletes were solemnly sworn at the opening ceremony, and the conference officially began under the gorgeous fireworks。

       The student men's 100 meters fired the first shot of the conference, and the competitions were tense and intense。On the field, Shenke sports athletes are everywhere, teachers and students are confident, they are shooting stars across the track, sweat, and strive to win。The stage of life is like the playground, the sound of refueling is their highest appreciation, the athletes who leap up, across a perfect arc in the air。

       All the participating teachers and students in the competition, full of youthful vitality, together with the judges, staff and student volunteers, contributed to a wonderful and unforgettable track and field event。

       At the closing ceremony, the "technical cheerleaders" of our school gave a wonderful performance for everyone, and the school leaders presented awards to the winning units。This sports meeting is a review of our school's sports work and the comprehensive quality of teachers and students,It fully demonstrates the good situation of vigorous development of Shenke sports cause and continuous improvement of education and teaching level,It reflects the gratifying achievements of the healthy and harmonious development of various undertakings of the school,Shenke people will continue to work hard and make great achievements on the various tracks in the future!

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