The youth volunteer team of our school received a letter of thanks from Shenyang Committee of the Communist Youth League

       To promote national fitness through running

       With autumn as the background color, to create a beautiful cultural landscape

       With hometown as the scene, leading the city's blood boiling

       To youth as a volunteer, help Shen Ma successful start

       In order to ensure the smooth holding of the Shenyang Marathon, our school actively responded to the call of the Communist Party Committee of the Youth League and organized 100 student volunteers to participate in the volunteer service activities for the preparation of the competition materials, and helped the Shenyang Marathon to be held smoothly with the spirit of volunteer service。

       In and out of the competition, in front of the stage and behind the scenes, our volunteers ran in every corner of the Shen Horse competition。Personnel registration, clothing collection, materials distribution, everywhere flashing the figure of our school young volunteers。Under the hot sun, the young volunteers were full of spirit and provided accurate guidance for the contestants with their enthusiastic and positive attitude and patient and meticulous explanation。Their division of labor and cooperation successfully completed all the packaging work of this competition。

       After the competition, the Municipal Committee of the Youth League sent a letter of thanks to our school, praising the volunteers of our school for strictly abiding by the rules and regulations of the organizing committee during the volunteer service, showing the volunteer service spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, and fully demonstrating the positive youth vitality and 踔厉 spirit of Shenyang youth。

       Young volunteers of our school in the Shenma competition,Practical actions fully reflect the young students in the new era of courage to shoulder heavy responsibilities, serious and responsible,They are enthusiastic and thoughtful service, rigorous and careful attitude and full of vigorous spirit,It fully demonstrates the healthy youth style and good spirit of the students,Dedicated youth power for the success of this contest,未来,Our school will continue to work hand in hand with the Youth League Committee,Add luster to urban construction and development!

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