Our school counselors Li Qian and Chang Shuyang won the honorary title of "Advanced Individuals in 2022 Liaoning College Counselors' Home Visit Activity"

       Recently, the Provincial Department of Education organized the evaluation of "Advanced Individuals in the Home Visit Activities of college Counselors in Liaoning Province in 2022"。After personal application, department recommendation, school review, school recommendation, expert review, our school counselorLi Qian, Chang Shuyang荣获Advanced Individual of Liaoning College Counselor Home Visit in 2022"Honorary title。

Advanced personal story materials

       李倩,女,汉族,CPC member,He is now a full-time counselor in the Department of Management and Media, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology,The comrade loves his work as a counselor,Keep in mind the original mission of educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country,Adhere to the fundamental task of moral education,To serve the students wholeheartedly for the purpose,Conscientiously perform job duties,Always pay attention to the healthy development of students。

       During the 2022 winter vacation home visit,Ms. Li made home visits to her students through a combination of online and offline visits,Through wechat video, phone and other forms of online home visits accumulated more than 120 people,Talk with parents about students' study and life in school;Offline focus visited academic problems, family difficulties students,Give feedback to parents on the students' course learning, competition activities, awards and evaluation, psychological changes, etc,The school funding policy, warm heart help into the student's home,Get the recognition and support of parents,It also makes students feel warm。

       Teacher Li Qian cares about the healthy development of students' body and mind,He often walks into students' classes and dormitories,Talk to students,Learn about the growth of post-00s students,Organize and carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities for students,Stimulate students' enthusiasm for study and life,Help students solve the problems of ideological confusion, interpersonal communication, career selection and employment。Especially during the epidemic period, he stayed on campus for more than 50 days, ate and lived together with students, successfully completed various tasks of epidemic prevention and control, and regularly visited more than 150 dormitories in the South Campus, bringing epidemic prevention work and students' ideological and political education to the front line of student dormitories。Timely relieve students' depression, irritability and depression during the lockdown due to the epidemic, actively coordinate to solve the problems faced by students, guide students to be optimistic and strive for progress, use the lockdown period to exercise their will quality, practical learning, self-reliance。

       Teacher Li Qian said,As a counselor teacher love students to grow,Bacon builds the soul and nurtures the soul,It is one of the main measures of the counselor's work to build a bridge between home and school and educate people.From point to point, from school to home,Use your own feet to measure every inch of the distance between school and home,Practice using one hand to hold the other hand in the process of parenting at home,persevere,The spring breeze becomes the rain.,With sincerity, true feelings to light up the hearts of students。

       Chang Shuyang,男,汉族,CPC member,He is now a full-time counselor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology,He has won the honorary titles of "Excellent Communist Party Member", "Advanced Individual in Home Visit Work", "Advanced Individual in Epidemic Prevention Work", and "Third Prize of Individual" in the organizational work exhibition of the first Liaoning Province College Organization Personnel Quality and Ability Competition。In the 12 years since his teaching, the comrade has always insisted on cultivating people by virtue, insisting on influencing more young lives with vitality education, and has always interpreted his original intention and mission as a counselor with actions。As a grass-roots student worker, Chang Shuyang has always borne in mind the duty of counselor, and actively carried out home visits over the years. Through entering students' homes, she has comprehensively understood their family conditions, practical difficulties and ideological dynamics, and deeply promoted home-school co-parenting。

       During the winter break of 2022,Chang Shuyang teacher in addition to online home visits,We also visited Deng's family in Xinmin City,Actively communicate with the student's parents,The excellent performance of the interviewed students in school was reported to the parents,And collect parents' suggestions on the school,Learn more about students' study, life and family during the holiday。Quoting the words of Deng's mother, there were three "unexpected" this winter vacation, one was not expecting the university and the teacher to visit the home in person, the second was not expecting the teacher to avoid the cold during the Spring Festival, and the third was not expecting to sit with the school leaders and counselors to talk about the child's life in school。

       Since he has been engaged in the counselor work, Chang Shuyang has always believed that the counselor is the nourishment of the students and the care of the blue sea without waves. Although it seems simple and ordinary, it has not been magnificent, but it has a profound impact on the students。

       The school will use this award as an opportunity,Continue to promote the counselor's home visit work routine and institutionalized,We will carry out the campaign of "One thousand counselors and ten thousand Walks",The ideological and political education of college students runs through the whole process of education and teaching,Actively build a "big ideological and political" work pattern,We will promote the high-quality development of ideological and political education in schools。

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