Our school held a special lecture on "Teaching art and Teaching Reflection"

        Teaching is an important means to evaluate teachers' teaching level and theoretical level, which can guide and test the scientificity and timeliness of teachers' lesson preparation。On October 18, our school held a special lecture on "The Art of Teaching and Reflection on Teaching" as the launch ceremony of the 2023 Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology Young Teachers' Teaching Competition。The series of activities of young teachers' teaching contest is one of the important activities for teachers' teaching ability improvement in our school, aiming to help young teachers consolidate their basic teaching skills and improve their teaching ability。The lecture will be delivered by Ms. Wang Jiao from the Department of Information and Control Engineering and Ms. Zhang Jie from the Department of Management and Media, and will be attended by full-time young teachers who will join the faculty after March 2022。

        Teacher Wang Jiao first from the curriculum overview, teaching materials, learning situation, teaching and learning methods, teaching reflection, teaching design and organization process of six aspects of the overall process of teaching。At the same time, Wang Jiao stressed that young teachers should pay attention to honing basic teaching skills from various aspects such as teaching objectives, key and difficult points, review and introduction in their daily teaching work。

        Teacher Zhang Jie first carried out a wonderful demonstration of lecturing, explaining and demonstrating one by one from the four aspects of textbook analysis, teaching objective analysis, teaching process analysis and teaching effect analysis, so that young teachers have a clearer and more vivid cognition of the overall thinking and links of lecturing。After the lesson demonstration, Mr. Zhang also shared the experience and precautions of the lesson competition, with "three feet of podium, three inches of tongue, three inches of pen, three thousand peaches and plums, ten years of trees, ten years of wind, ten years of rain, one hundred thousand beams" the sentence ended the lecture, and shared encouragement with young teachers。

        A hundred years plan, education as the basis;Teachers are the foundation of education。Teachers are the foundation of education and the source of education。This lecture will certainly inspire the future teaching work of young teachers in our school, and gradually temper the quality and enhance the ability in the future education and teaching work, and contribute their own strength to the education cause of the school。

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