Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology, founded in 1999, was formerly known as the Subcollege of Disciplines of Shenyang Chemical Technology University。In April 2016, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was transferred to an independent provincial ordinary university。At present, the school has 7,016 full-time undergraduate students。

       The university is located in Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, adjacent to Shenyang Free Trade Zone, Shenyang National University Science and Technology City and Shenyang South Railway Station, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation。The campus covers an area of 41.960,000 square meters, construction area of 27.160,000 square meters, the existing teaching and research administrative room 12.160,000 square meters。The school has 526 staff members, 385 full-time teachers, with the proportion of teachers with postgraduate degrees accounting for 96.1%。In line with the needs of the revitalization and development of Liaoning's old industrial base, the university has set up 31 undergraduate majors covering five disciplines including engineering, management, economics and education, focusing on the training of application-oriented talents in fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information and economic management。The total value of the school's teaching and research equipment is 57.22 million yuan;The library has a collection of 570,000 paper books;123 network multimedia classrooms suitable for teaching;There are 195 off-campus teaching practice and practice bases。In 2018, the Experimental Teaching Center of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology was established as the experimental teaching demonstration center of Liaoning Province。In 2020, the major of finance and pharmaceutical Engineering have been established as the third batch of provincial first-class undergraduate majors in Liaoning Province。The school has built 21 standardized student apartments with optical fiber access, comfortable environment and complete facilities, equipped with complete supporting facilities such as cafes, gyms, cinemas, dining centers and supermarkets that are convenient for teachers and students' daily life。

       The school has 4 provincial-level high-level talents,Among them, one person is selected for the "100 million Talent Project" in Liaoning Province, two people are selected for the "100 million Talent Project" in provincial province, and one person is selected for the "100 million Talent Project" in provincial province.1 national model teacher (provincial or ministerial level);1 national outstanding scientific researcher;6 famous teachers in Liaoning Province;Liaoning Province government decision-making consulting expert 1;1 excellent educational and scientific researcher in Liaoning Province;Shenyang leading talents 2;2 high-level talents from Shenyang;Shenyang excellent experts 2 people;1 senior talent in Shenyang software industry;1 municipal outstanding contribution expert;Shenyang top talent 1 person。

       The school implements the "3+1" talent training model, attaches great importance to employment work, and makes full efforts to explore the job market, develop high-quality enterprises, and carry out online and offline employment guidance services for graduates。The school adheres to the market demand-oriented, with graduates' employment intentions and improving the quality of employment as the starting point, and has a total of 8276 undergraduate graduates in the past five years, with 5.76% to Shenyang Blower Group Co., LTD., Agricultural Bank of China Co., LTD., China Mobile Communications Group and other national key backbone enterprises employment, there are 31.6% to Ganli Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Liaoning Hongtu Chuang Exhibition Surveying and mapping Survey Co., Ltd. and other well-known private enterprises employment, there are 67.57% of graduates work or start businesses in Liaoning。The school actively builds "order class" to achieve customized training and promote precise employment。The school signed a cooperation agreement with Yuhuan City of Zhejiang Province and established an employment guidance station;Signed an employment and entrepreneurship cooperation agreement with Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province;Signed cooperation agreements with Zichuan District and Economic Development District of Zibo City, Shandong Province, and set up talent introduction workstation;Signed a school-locality cooperation framework agreement with 南谯区 Organization Department and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province;It has reached school-enterprise cooperation with more than 150 enterprises and institutions such as Jingdong Logistics, Siasun Education Technology Group, Liaoning Free Trade E-commerce Development Co., LTD,Provide students with more accurate internships, practices and employment positions,Effectively ensure that the employment rate of graduates at the end of the year continues to stay above 90%。At the same time, the university builds a high-quality graduate student base with well-known universities in the province to build a bridge for students to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Every year, about 7% of graduates are successfully admitted to their favorite schools for further study。

       In the past five years, the school has been approved by the Ministry of Education, industry-university collaborative education projects 17,China Private Education Association project 14,There are 156 provincial and ministerial-level projects, such as the Natural Science Fund of Liaoning Province and the Public Welfare Research Fund for Scientific Undertakings of Liaoning Province, the Social Science Planning Fund of Liaoning Province, the Economic and Social Development Research Project of Liaoning Province, the Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Project of Liaoning Province Science and Technology Association, and the Scientific Research project of Liaoning Province Education Department。Successfully authorized 353 patents and Copyrights。He has written 154 textbooks。He has published 645 academic papers。

       The school has carried out various exchanges and cooperation with more than 20 overseas universities such as Aston University, Teesside University, Ohio University, Australia, and Kyungsung University, including 2+2, 3+1 double bachelor's degree, 3+1+1, 3+1+2 master's and master's programs。At the same time, the school also carries out a variety of short-term exchange programs such as overseas internships, study Tours, exchange students, and language training to provide students with more options for studying abroad。

       Over the years, the university has been deeply cultivating the deep integration of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education, and has built a comprehensive, deep and efficient innovation and entrepreneurship education system。It has built a shared innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem under the "six-effect combination" mode, realized the effective integration of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, helped the characteristic development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, promoted the reform of school education and teaching to achieve innovative breakthroughs and form brand characteristics, and successively won the third prize of Liaoning Province teaching achievements in 2020 and 2022。In the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the school has always been among the top 20% of universities in the province, and has won 3,265 provincial and above awards, including 21 international awards and 110 national awards. The school has been awarded as an excellent organization unit 37 times, and the participation of teachers and students is as high as 3.More than 80,000 people participated in the competition, and the coverage rate was as high as 90%, resulting in a very high innovation and entrepreneurship boom。Especially in the "Challenge Cup" and "Creative Youth" competitions, the total score of our school has ranked top among more than 90 colleges and universities in the province for seven consecutive years, and has won the first place twice and the second place five times in private colleges and universities。At the same time, the university has also built a 3900 square meter innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base for college students, which is divided into three blocks, six innovation workshops, seven entrepreneurial office areas and eight functional zones, providing a full-function, one-stop innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform for teachers and students of the school to promote the transformation and landing of innovation and entrepreneurship achievements of the school。

       未来,Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology will continue to comprehensively deepen educational reform,Constantly improve the quality of personnel training,With a positive attitude to interpret the true meaning of "learned and diligent",The new knowledge of "cultivating virtue and cultivating morality" is dug up with the style of pragmatic practice,Make unremitting efforts to build into an application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics, obvious advantages, parents' confidence, students' love and society's satisfaction!


                        (The above data is as of the end of June 2023)


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