Erudite and good practice are the basic requirements for teachers and students in professional learning。

        "Erudite", is Bo Tongjing, pay attention to the organic combination of Bo and fine。This not only reflects the truth that only "broad" can "profound";At the same time, it also reflects the educational philosophy and mode of combining general education and specialized education in our school。Generalist is the requirement of overall quality, and specialist is the requirement of professional level and skill。

        "Practice earnestly" is to practice earnestly and pay attention to practice。"Li Ji ● The Doctrine of the Mean" on the way of learning, beginning with "erudite", ending with "practice", actually talking about the relationship between learning and use, the purpose of learning is to use, to practice, to transform the subjective world and the objective world。"Sincere" is sincere, steadfast, loyal and uninformed, "practice" is physical practice, adhere to practice。

        In order to pay attention to the cultivation of the virtues of teachers and students, cultivate people, educate people, develop people, and make people become "people".。

        "Kind of virtue" : to establish a good moral character, pay attention to the cultivation of virtue, this is the foundation of life。Strive to improve moral cultivation, establish a socialist view of honor and disgrace, and develop good habits of words and deeds。The students have lofty ideals, noble character, diligent study and pursuit of truth, and the teachers are teachers who are willing to contribute, study hard and climb the mountain。The college has a good style of study, teaching and school spirit。A successful person must have both virtue and ability。

        "Self-cultivation" is to cultivate morality, cultivate body and mind, and improve their own moral cultivation。Confucianism attaches great importance to self-cultivation, and believes that "physical cultivation and then the family, the family and then the country rule, and then the world is peaceful.。From the son of heaven to the common man, all are (that is, all) based on self-cultivation."。(Li Ji ● University)

        The traditional Chinese educational thought pays attention to the connection and unity of "learning, reviewing, deliberating, discerning and practicing"。The purpose of university education is to show that everyone has and has their own virtues, and then promote themselves to others, so that everyone can remove the dirt and accept the new。The primary function of the university is to cultivate the pure quality of the students and guide them to stick to the right path, which is a sacred and great achievement。

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